Critical Creativity

It’s hard to measure the impact literacy has upon stimulating the creativity of children. Many studies support the theory that reading, and reading for pleasure, has numerous health, well-being and developmental benefits, but to be able to measure the degree to which it inspires is very tricky. How do you benchmark it? Would a child naturally have been creative anyway? Would their brain have wired to be a genius problem solver regardless? How does escaping into a tale actually impact on development?

This website / blog doesn’t attempt to fully answer these questions, however, its intention is to try and be a source of inspiration for parents who are hoping to encourage that spark of creativity, critical analysis and questioning which is a necessary skill for children to develop into rounded adults. By bringing together my personal analysis of children’s literature as well as my children’s input, along with our observations along the way of what impact the book had on their creative processes and abilities to question the world around them, I hope to go some way to providing a resource base for other parents and maybe teachers.


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