Mitch and Mooch try

A children’s book series about first experiences, the Mitch and Mooch Try books introduce Mitch and Mooch, twin monsters with unique personalities. Encouraging 4-7 year olds to find out about new activities, how to prepare and what to expect (and what not to!), Mitch and Mooch stories will entertain and educate. Packed with information and inclusivity, #trysomethingnewtoday with Mitch and Mooch – stocked in all good bookshops and also available online.

Why not check out the dedicated Mitch and Mooch Try website, with lots of free downloads and fun activities in support of the series.

Available now in paperback and e-book formats. Join us for an exciting new children’s book series! Keep checking back for progress updates as the journey begins for your new monster friends taking the plunge in a range of sporting activities. Say Hi to Mitch and Mooch!

Mitch and Mooch Try Swimming

Mitch and Mooch are about to test the water in a new adventure – swimming lessons!    Will the funny funky monsters sink or swim as they as they conquer their fears and overcome the unexpected? Get your goggles at the ready and read the first in this exciting new series of books about trying new activities with your new favourite monsters, Mitch and Mooch!

Recent Reviews:

‘My kids loved this book, especially the characters Mitch and Mooch! My little boy read this to his sister and it was lovely watching him really tell the story and use his expressions. It’s a great book to prepare children for swimming lessons too especially if they have a lot of uncertainty around what to expect or a fear of water – I think most kids (and parents!) can relate to Mitch and Mooch and the way the author prepares children for swimming lessons throughout is really good and gives children a clear expectation. I like the way the author builds in the questions too – my children really enjoyed answering these which made the story more engaging. I would highly recommend reading this book and I look forward to seeing what Mitch and Mooch are going to do next!’

‘This is a great book for kids to prepare for their first experience of swimming or to just enjoy the story. The illustrations are bright and engaging, the characters are cute and the story lots of fun. It includes questions to encourage conversation and I’m sure it will make any child excited about the idea of going to the pool.’

‘This is a really fun (and funny) book, full of really eye-catching and colourful illustrations. It’s beautifully written and will appeal to any young child who is about to try swimming. The story is very well put together and covers lots of the trepidations that children may have before taking the plunge for the first time. Parents will also love the book, whether reading to their child or listening to them read. A lovely, charming, playful book!’

‘This is a fun book for children who are going to be learning to swim this summer. As a teacher, I love the way this book is set up and the educational value in reading comprehension and the extra support provided to children who may be dyslexic (not usually discovered until about 8 years old – after the age recommended for this book). I highly recommend this book for the age group 3-7 as recommended.’

‘Mitch and Mooch are learning to swim. They are going to a swimming lesson, but first they gather the items they will need. Learning to swim was not exactly as they anticipated, but it was a lot of fun.  This is great children’s book full of humour, creativity and imagination. Stories for children are always better if they have lessons that help children build morals, expand knowledge and improve reading skills and comprehension. The illustrations are bright, whimsical and attention-getting. Just perfect for young children. The storyline had some unexpected additions that made the story fun and exciting. Like any book reviewing the lessons in the book with your children will improve reading comprehension and help children develop good habits. The lessons this book provided include; acceptance of others, trying something new, helping others, especially when they are scared, trying your best and encouraging others. This book provides lessons in a fun way that will engage children and create quality family time.’

‘I liked the way the story is a mixture of information (such as what to bring with you when you go swimming) and silly things, which makes this book not only useful but also fun. The use of questions and “can you spot?” boxes makes the book more engaging. A nice book.’

Mitch and Mooch try….The Series

A book series designed to support reading, comprehension and encourage trying new activities with useful information about how to prepare and what to expect…and what not to!  Using Dyslexie font throughout, we actively encourage inclusive learning activities for all.  Each book also includes comprehension questions and discussion points for you to enjoy with your child.

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