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LATEST RELEASE – Destiny Awaiting

Discover the love story which started the journey and escape into a magical past, where battles of the heart are destined to fight with faith and hope itself at Agincourt.

She stole away to discover a new world, but interrupted a thief. Now Aioffe can’t escape from him, or her growing curiosity.

Across England and France, Henry V is relentlessly raising an army to secure his throne. Tarl’s skills as thief, blacksmith and bowman might land him in the firing line, but all he wants is to clear his debts and restore his family’s honour. To pay for his crime he must hand over the strange fae girl to the Church authorities, or he will end up warring with more than just his heart.

Fighting with each other risks both of their lives. To avert war breaking out between their races as well as their countries, Aioffe and Tarl must discover what true love is if they are to survive the destiny which awaits them. A thrilling, historical fantasy romance prequel in the Naturae Series.


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A prequel novella set in Viking times. Discover the Fae Queendom of Naturae

When Northmen invade, chaos will follow. Queen Lana must risk everything to keep her crown, including her heart. But destiny doesn’t always turn out the way you expect…

If you haven’t read any of my work, this is a good place to start! Risking Destiny – a full-length standalone historical fantasy fiction novel that will get your mind whirling!

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Warning – this is not a typical love story!


The start of a thrilling historical fantasy set in Tudor Times

Hunted and in hiding for a century, two outcast Fae soulmates have their dreams of freedom and eternal life together ripped apart after a violent confrontation with a ruthless figure from the past.

Racing against time itself forces Annabella to choose – confront or flee from her destiny. The shadowy world she knew before haunts her but, battling heartache believing her lover is dead, can she find the strength to be the change Naturae needs now?  Rebellion looms but to avert it she must challenge history, as well as accept a solitary future.

Once a mortal, homebody Joshua must desperately navigate the turbulence of Reformation England in a quest to recover his love, whilst finally reconciling his faith with his unnatural state.  Traversing North East England and Scotland trying to find her mystical kingdom, he just has to survive long enough to save her…

The fate of an entire race rests on their shoulders, but can destiny be changed?  Rebellion, danger and intrigue threaten the future in a thrilling journey, weaving Tudor times with magical fantasy. 

Disrupting Destiny – forever isn’t certain, trust no-one…


A forgotten heir. A Queendom in crisis. Chaos will reign.

The return of an old foe in Naturae forces Queen Aioffe and Joshua to confront their barren future. But the toll of ruling has a cost they couldn’t have imagined, and the price of an heir threatens to tear them apart once again. A witch’s prophecy could hold the answer, but can anything be trusted when stakes are burning and information is scarce?

In England, Edward VI has died, leaving Henry Fitzroy, his bastard vampire brother, with his destiny unfulfilled. Denied his crown and place in the human world, Henry sets his sights on claiming what was due to him. Whilst Mary moves to take England’s throne, Henry brings chaos to Naturae, but finds it already in crisis.

Testing their allegiance, love and faith lead to conflict in a dangerous quest across Europe as Aioffe and Joshua fight for their marriage and an heir. From sacrifice, can a new hope bring order to anarchy?

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Books to share with children – The Mitch and Mooch Book Series

Mitch and Mooch are about to test the water in a new adventure – swimming lessons!    Will the funny funky monsters sink or swim as they conquer their fears and overcome the unexpected?

The perfect book to introduce your child to swimming, this charming story includes helpful tips on how to prepare, what to expect from a lesson, and answers common questions about swimming.  Ideal for children starting to read independently or as a conversation starter, this colourful, comic-style book uses dyslexia-friendly font and includes comprehension questions throughout. 

If you want to encourage trying out new activities and overcoming fears, get your goggles on and have some monster fun with Mitch and Mooch today!

“Funny and helpful – this book will support any child starting their swimming journey!” Simon, Swim School Owner/Teacher

Check out the Mitch and Mooch Try website

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