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Stories drive the world.

Hello there! Did you ever stop to think about the history of stories? Before the printed word, all knowledge, news, and explanations for the unknown were conveyed by story. As an author, I also love to read. Be transported to worlds I haven’t yet explored, and taken on a journey into some place else. I hope that these short stories and snippets of information I post about here inspire you too. So, grab a cuppa and take 5 minutes to escape.

Latest Stories and Articles

The uncomfortable similarities between Henry V and Putin

I didn’t set out to write a story about war with Destiny Awaiting, it just happened. It was supposed to be a simple enemies-to-lovers romance, set in a time of danger and adversity where strangers could observe the history and fulfil their destiny. It is, on one level. I wanted to highlight how conflict drives…

Destiny Awaiting – Sneak Peak!

. Centuries ago, the Vikings – invaders, and destroyers from even further North – proclaimed their dominion over these islands with castles and brochs. Aioffe’s mouth dried. Perhaps some were still used by those who ruled here. Stone constructs were so different to the treetop dwellings of her kind. “Perhaps don’t stray too close to…

Witches, stereotypes, power and politics

How did this, an instantly recognisable, image of what a witch looks like come about? Magic and spirituality were, for the majority of cultures, an accepted part of life.

Writing for inclusivity  

If you want to start at the grass-roots level with inclusive writing, you need to consider issues which affect the widest proportion of readers. And by readers, I mean everyone who currently reads, as well as the 20% of people for whom reading is a challenge.


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