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Thinking critically about creativity

  • Welcome to escapism…

    17th Jul 2019 by

    What’s different…trying to critically evaluate books for how much they inspire creativity as well as critical thinking in my own (and maybe other) children

  • Who what why?

    17th Jul 2019 by

    Your essential questions answered…. There is a real person behind bloggers. With feelings, thoughts, people who they connect with IRL on a daily basis, as well as online. It’s normal to want to know more about the person behind the text so read on… Who? I’m Jan, writer, blogger, reviewer, mother, believes in encouraging critical… Read more

  • The Interview

    25th Jan 2021 by

    There is a cruel twist to her lips and I can’t help stare at them. Then, her tone is almost playful, “Well, we can’t keep the readers waiting now, can we?”

  • Gratitude Tree

    31st Oct 2020 by

    I confess, it’s not often my children go to such lengths to make something for me, unguided by parental input.

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