Why I’m still learning life lessons from learning History

I’ve always loved History, except I didn’t really know it until I was halfway through my life. If you’d have asked me shortly after leaving school about the dates of Kings and Queens, or why certain wars happened, I probably would have shrugged and said “I had a GCSE in History, but I’ve forgotten itContinue reading “Why I’m still learning life lessons from learning History”

Does Dogtastic Dogman develop independent reading and drawing? Or is there more to it?

Having lived with purile jokes, repeated ad infinitum toilet related gags and incredulous and improbable crime capers for the best part of 4 years and counting, I admit, I was both relieved and inwardly groaning when my 6 year old recently picked up the Dogman books.

Why ‘You Choose’ is a window into your child’s day

I’ll confess, we have the whole collection of this series (click here to see on Amazon), including the colouring book. The original You Choose and the You Choose in Space are massive favourites in our house – I think we must have read it every week for the last 3 or 4 years at leastContinue reading “Why ‘You Choose’ is a window into your child’s day”

Who what why?

Your essential questions answered…. There is a real person behind bloggers. With feelings, thoughts, people who they connect with IRL on a daily basis, as well as online. It’s normal to want to know more about the person behind the text so read on… Who? I’m Jan, writer, blogger, reviewer, mother, believes in encouraging criticalContinue reading “Who what why?”