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  • Starting a dialogue about myself

    24th Mar 2022 by

    Becoming a self-published author has challenged me because I can no longer afford to be the only one asking the questions. I have to provide some answers. Ones that make sense. Ones which expose me. Does anyone really want to know, I think, with each interview?

  • Welcome to escapism…

    17th Jul 2019 by

    What’s different…trying to critically evaluate books for how much they inspire creativity as well as critical thinking in my own (and maybe other) children

  • Who what why?

    17th Jul 2019 by

    Your essential questions answered…. There is a real person behind bloggers. With feelings, thoughts, people who they connect with IRL on a daily basis, as well as online. It’s normal to want to know more about the person behind the text so read on… Who? I’m Jan, writer, blogger, reviewer, mother, believes in encouraging critical… Read more

  • The uncomfortable similarities between Henry V and Putin

    28th Feb 2023 by

    I didn’t set out to write a story about war with Destiny Awaiting, it just happened. It was supposed to be a simple enemies-to-lovers romance, set in a time of danger and adversity where strangers could observe the history and fulfil their destiny. It is, on one level. I wanted to highlight how conflict drives… Read more

  • Destiny Awaiting – Sneak Peak!

    15th Feb 2023 by

    . Centuries ago, the Vikings – invaders, and destroyers from even further North – proclaimed their dominion over these islands with castles and brochs. Aioffe’s mouth dried. Perhaps some were still used by those who ruled here. Stone constructs were so different to the treetop dwellings of her kind.
    “Perhaps don’t stray too close to them, then,” she muttered to herself. Entanglement with humans would likely get her into even more trouble.

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