The Naturae Book Series

North of Scotland, a shrouded island does hide

Where magic winged creatures do forever reside…

Weaving history and fantasy together, the Naturae Book series explores aspects of destiny. Encompassing themes such as the right to rule, religious persecution, belief systems, books 1-4 are set during the 100 years of English Tudor rule. This turbulent time offers the reader the opportunity to explore the effects of royal decree on ordinary man as observed by ancient kinds of creature. Living eternally, the fae royalty wrestle with the challenges ever changing humans cause, and destiny isn’t always foretold.

Journey with me to the Queendom of Naturae, where fae, daemons, witches and vampires subtly manipulate the world as we know it…with grave consequences for mankind and faekind.

Risking Destiny – A prequel novella

Fae Queen Lana is furious when Vikings slaughter her humans, but her downfall has only just begun.

Ordering her warriors to capture their alluring leader in the vain prospect she could prevent future attacks, she reluctantly risks everything to save her race and keep her crown.

But destiny, love and magic will cause more chaos yet in the secretive world of Naturae.

Out of the ashes of destruction, a new villain will emerge to battle hope itself…

Discover Naturae, it’s Queen and the birth of an epic tale of deception, faith and destiny in this thrilling prequel novella.

Available on Amazon February 28th 2020

Available for pre-order now!

Disrupting Destiny – Book 1

Hunted and in hiding for a century, two outcast Fae soulmates have their dreams of eternal life together ripped apart after a violent confrontation with a ruthless figure from the past.

Racing against time itself forces Annabella to choose – confront or flee from her destiny. The shadowy world she knew before haunts her but, battling heartache believing her lover is dead, can she find the strength to be the change Naturae needs now?  Rebellion looms but to avert it she must challenge history, as well as accept a solitary future.

Once a mortal, homebody Joshua must desperately navigate the turbulence of Reformation England in a quest to recover his love, whilst finally reconciling his faith with his unnatural state.  Traversing North East England and Scotland trying to find her mystical kingdom, he just has to survive long enough to save her…

The fate of an entire race rests on their shoulders, but can destiny be changed?  Rebellion, danger and intrigue threaten the future in a thrilling journey, weaving Tudor times with magical fantasy. 

Disrupting Destiny – forever isn’t certain, trust no-one…

Paperback and e-book coming April 2020

Anarchic Destiny – Book 2

King Henry VIII has died, and chaos will follow. It is the ideal moment for daemons to weave their ideas into the future of England. Suspicion and creativity battle face to face in this deadly fight for acceptance.

Available Winter 2021

The ribbons emanating from the crowds in the henge below wove around her body. Almost tangible to her eyes, Lana strained to feel them pulsing through her fingertips. She flapped and rose higher as if to tug the strands of Lifeforce energy up into herself. The tickling sensation as they followed her upwards made her smile

Risking Destiny

Naturae Book covers concept and design by J L Wilson Designs

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